SEO CONSULTING KENYA will provide a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy developed specifically for your business, which takes into account not only the social media, on page, and off page needs of your website, but also provides an in depth analysis of what your competition is doing and how to beat them.

An audit of your web site, business, competition, key phrases, code, back linkage, and many other factors provides you with valuable knowledge. It is a great way to educate yourself on topics such as your specific search engine needs (both strengths and weaknesses), strategies for placement, and, of course, budgetary planning. For very large projects, it is a necessary first step prior to developing a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy.

Detail of Search Engine Optimization Site Audit Report

A comprehensive SEO CONSULTING KENYA site audit will consist of the following:

  • Interviews - of key client personnel by various members of our staff for the purpose of understanding your:business, target markets, revenue model, company and site history, technical assets, customer behavior, goals, competitors and more.
    Interviews are typically conducted with the IT team, marketing department, executive personnel, and other individuals as deemed appropriate (examples may include personnel responsible for web content, budget planning, in house SEO or paid search teams, product development teams, and the like)
    Key phrase Research and Report - in-depth key phrase research starting with client discussions and input, expanding these choices through intensive research and then determining what phrases are and are not being searched and how often and finally developing keyword phrase strategies for use in both search engine optimization and pay per click marketing campaigns.
    Competitive Intelligence - thorough examination of client's major competitors, what they are doing, and how to beat them. In depth analysis of search term competitors, discovery as to which keyphrases competitors are using to drive traffic, compare and contrast client's site to competition and identify marketing opportunities.
    On Page Review - review as to major on page issues, navigation architecture, served code, url structure, sitemap analysis, and much more.
    Specific Page Analysis - detailed analysis of up to 5 key pages of the site, step by step instructions and recommendations as to on page modifications, copywriting modifications, etcetera
    Back End Architecture - our engineers will review any content management system (CMS), back end coding and database structure, coding language issues.
    Analytics - review and reporting on any existing analytics, review of Google Analytics and webmaster tools, verification of Google compliant XML sitemap, conversion rates and goals, traffic patterns and sources, inbound linkage, intra-site linkage, and more.
    Usability Review - all of the search engine traffic in the world is useless unless it results in conversions, therefore we will develop three unique personas of likely visitors to your site, and review the site from their perspective. Would include marketing language, ease of navigation, clear calls to action, defining conversions, checkout procedure, general usability issues.
    PPC Campaign Audit - we will review any existing PPC campaigns, associated analytics, conversion rates, ad groups, individual ads, and in depth analysis of up to 5 individual ad sets, including copywriting review and calls to action, budgetary recommendations, necessary research, bidding terms, and more. If no existing PPC campaigns exist, we will do the initial research as to budget, traffic numbers, key phrases, and the like.
    Social Media - review of any existing social media campaigns, recommendations as to ongoing social media opportunities, including but not limited to blogging, video, viral marketing and more.
    Link Bait - examination of existing or potential sources of inbound link bait, recommendations for marketing link bait and increasing inbound link popularity.
    Fresh Content - examination of presence or lack of fresh content on the site, recommendations for inclusion of future fresh content.
    Written Recommendations - as to ongoing Internet marketing strategies, itemized and including recommended budgets for each, including but not limited to organic SEO (off page and on page), usability, analytics, PPC, social media and viral marketing, and more.
    Telephone Consultations - as needed during pendency of audit.
    Followup Telephone Consultations - (up to three hours) with SEO CONSULTING KENYA staff as requested or needed by the client.
    Answers - to any specific issues or questions client has posed at the genesis of the audit.
    Additional Recommendations - as may be deemed pertinent or necessary to the client's business.

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