What is Bing?

Bing is the new MSN search engine which has replaced MSN/Windows Live. There was a lot of confusion with the branding of the MSN search engine previously, we were never really sure if it was meant to be MSN Live or Windows Live or both! But now that SE has completely gone and we have a brand new 'decision' engine to keep our SEO team busy, with it's own branding and domain.

Bing went live at the beginning of June and was designed as a 'decision' engine with the aim of providing users with answers to their questions rather than just loads of meaningless links and URL's. We have yet to find real proof of this technique in the algorithm and at the moment we're still trying to figure out exactly what Bing is after as some of the results it's churning up seem completely random!

Bing Optimization

We have been researching on the Bing algorithms to find what we need, as SEO COSULTING KENYA, to help your site reach the top pages, and before you ask, Bing is completely different to the old MSN live both aesthetically and internally so it is important to keep updated on the latest Bing news. Domain Age

Bing loves a good, old domain. Other search engines like Google do look at domain age and are preferable to them but not quite as much as Bing it would appear. An old domain shows a reliable website that's been around for a long time, a new domain means that website is new and therefore is likely to drop off in a search engines eyes.

Anchor Text

Bing likes it when you have varied anchor text that is relevant to each content page, so the anchor text accurately reflects the content of that page. Relevant and quality link text will also help your SEO on Google so it's good to keep an eye on it.

Meta Titles

As with the other on page factors that Bing is preferable to, relevant title tags will also help your case to get good ranking results.

Quality and themed links don't mean half as much to Bing as they do to Google, which is not particularly surprising since the old MSN was focused on on-page optimization as well. It also won't be swayed very much by fresh content, Bing cares that there is content, not necessarily that it's updated regularly. These optimization tips for Bing may change soon as we find out more, or when Bing updates it's algorithms to match new requirements so keep checking back for news.

Bing Features

Bing is very user friendly and attractive with all of it's new features...

Homepage Images

Everyone has been talking about the stunning images that show on the Bing homepage, they hit you immediately and instantly make you like the search engine. These images change every day and there is a thumbnail version of the images once you are through on to the SERP's.

Related Searches

As with Google there are related searches which show other options that users have searched for in the past, although here they are placed on the top left so they're easily spotted. Also, depending on what you're searching this can change to related animals or people if you are in the images/video's section.

Pop-up Site Description

If you are hovering over a link on the results pages, you will spot a pop-up detailing a bit of information that Bing has pulled from the site. The text is just showing the first part of copy from the site homepage and then some links to other pages, but nonetheless looks very clever.

Image/ Video Refined Search

Within the image and video search, you can refine your results to show images within certain sizes, layout, resolution, color, or even to show images with just people's faces! When you hover over an image it will zoom to give you a better preview of that image, and with video's it will actually start playing.


One of the most original Bing features that isn't usually integrated into a search engine, Bing has it's own celebrity search called xRank where you can view the most searched celebrities for that day, a mini biography with images, videos and latest news on that person.

All of these features are just aesthetics but are still very effective to users when making them want to come back. We just have to wait now to see whether their traffic and top search engine market share will increase or if the interest will wear off after a couple of months!

If you are looking to start a search engine optimization project to increase your Bing rankings, please do call us as soon as possible to find out how our expert SEO team can help you.

Bing has also kept sponsored links so you are able to advertise via PPC on the results pages on the new search engine, so if you're looking to get a whole search engine marketing campaign running, not just SEO, then we can help you there too.

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