The success of a website is largely dependent upon the quality of its content. There's little point in spending great amounts of time, energy and expenditure on a site that carries little value to visitors through its lack of interesting or worthwhile content. It's a waste of time. It's not just web users who recognize this; it's the search engines too. Where's the value in them recommending sites that offer little or no return to visitors? Where's the value for the organization whose site can't offer any compelling call to action or provide any useful information?

There are thousands of great websites on the Internet. Why shouldn't they be elevated to the top of the search engine returns if they offer the best-fit answers to questions and queries? If you want to compete, then compete on quality not on just trying to outwit the technology. Playing the black hat SEO cowboy game is short-term, unprofessional and unproductive in the long run. That's not to say that at SEO CONSULTING KENYA we won't get as creative as necessary in order for our clients to take a competitive advantage. It just means that we won't jeopardize that advantage in the process. If you're serious about your web presence use a serious organization to represent you online. Use a Partner Like us.

By and large it's a flat playing field; the search engine algorithms applying the same rules to your company as to your competitors. Your task is straightforward - establish an effective, experienced and expert web partner and with them define your business objectives to create a compelling, high quality web presence. This will ensure that those objectives are met through high site profile, strong traffic of the correct audience and completed actions based on your call to action. Anything less is a counter-productive exercise. A poor web presence means a site deservedly dropping off the search engine rankings, potentially damaging reputation, missing important business opportunities and wasting time and money until a proper strategy can be put in place.

Web users adore Good Content. Search engines do too. People are much more likely to read an informative article: something that stimulates or interests them and something that relates to their needs drives the whole concept of content-based Search Engine Optimization. Much in the same way that organic results are perceived as more useful and more valid than PPC ads, articles are regarded as more legitimate information than sales pitches. If your site doesn't fulfill the reader's passion for content then the whole thing falls apart. When people are stimulated and are interested, wonderful things happen. They share their passion in the form of name checks and, more importantly, links. People love to recommend quality content. After all, including quality copy and links on your site adds value. Website copy has to inspire, impress, and motivate. Clear, unique, informative content gets results every time. It's up to website owners to ensure that their sites can achieve this by inspiring inbound links in the process.

One of the most effective methods to attract high quality inbound links is by developing well written, interesting, informative and optimized articles like this one. Articles are an essential, tried and tested component of Search Engine Optimization and search engine marketing; when applied properly they can have very powerful and long-term benefits. Often articles will remain 'live' on line far longer than press releases or news bulletins and can prove essential in generating links, boosting search engine rankings, establishing new prospects and delivering targeted traffic direct to your site.

Articles can be distributed or syndicated across the Internet via various article websites or submitted to appropriate media outlets. If articles are well written and carry sufficient quality and relevance, recipient sites include them and run links back to the donor site. As Inbound Links play such a critical role in establishing authority and building search engine ranking, it is vital that great care and professionalism is applied to writing articles. At SEO CONSULTING KENYA we map project specific keywords to articles in the same way we do to site content, applying them to titles, subtitles and body copy. Articles can provide original site content and through embedded links and link baiting can also sit on host sites, deep linking to information topics contained on pages within the donor site. The relevant optimization aspect of articles is the relationship of the content to keywords and key phrases contained in the text.

The way you do this is in principle, simple enough - through SEO Copywriting and text-related content. Engines cannot read images or graphics; they cannot determine the relevance of Flash in relation to a search term. The two most important factors upon which they can determine relevance is on the site text and more importantly the links from authoritative sites inspired by that text.

Web Content for Consumers

Typically, consumers scan a page for relevant information. Less than 15% of them read the entire page and 85% of them exit the website within a minute if they don't find what they are looking for; therefore, SEO CONSULTING KENYA will provide consumer friendly pages with:

  • Valuable keyword-rich text
  • Informative, concise and easy to read text
  • Eye catching, interesting headings
  • Web Content for Search Engine Spiders

The search engine mission is to provide online users with relevant results for specific, contextual keyword searches. Spiders (computer programs) are dispatched to crawl web pages. They evaluate them according to the current algorithm. If the pages meet their specifications, they are then, indexed and ranked; consequently, SEO CONSULTING KENYA will provide search engine friendly pages with:

Appropriately themed pages

  • Pages that have acquired authority as a result of their relevance and high value
  • Pages with proper keyword density
  • Detailed paragraphs that are organized with well written, original content
  • Pages whose number of keywords are viewed favorably by the search engines; ie: not too many, not too few.

Homepage Content

SEO CONSULTING KENYA copywriters will provide fresh, unique, newsworthy content for your website on a regular basis; as a result, it will be:

  • Updated and cached by the engines
  • Viewed and indexed by the search engines frequently

The days of the Search Engine Optimization copywriter weaving their magic with perfect keyword selection, placement and Density to achieve wondrous top page rankings are long gone (despite what many will try to tell you). Of course, keywords are still important, especially in titles as engines prefer nice tight search return matches, but it's more a case of frequency rather than density that improves rankings.

There's a common consensus these days amongst Search Engine Optimization professionals that the major determinant of ranking position for any particular page is down to what happens off the page, in the form of links from other sites. Reputation built on authority bestowed by other reputable sites through sheer worth and relevance. Good is good is good. When Barack Obama recently quipped 'you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig' what he's saying (without wishing to be piggist) is that you can't properly disguise something ugly, something unappealing. By the same token quality will always out. Compelling content gains eyeballs, gains traction, gains authority, gains high search engine placement, gains eyeballs, gains traction and so it continues.

At SEO CONSULTING KENYA we understand this clearly and work hard to get the wheels of virtuous search engine performance rolling. Appreciating something is all well and good; it's acting on that knowledge that delivers results and at SEO CONSULTING KENYA a great deal of our work is in partnering our clients to formulate and apply the maximum possible value into site Copy and Content. Getting authoritative links has become the most difficult aspect of Search Engine Optimization, hence the emergence from 2006 of Social Media Marketing as a way to attract links with compelling content, hence the explosion in online articles and blogs. The critical starting point before a word of Search Engine Optimization copywriting has been written is the project scope and definition stage. It's at this point that business objectives need to be clearly defined through goal analysis. What are we aiming to achieve? This helps us measure campaign effectiveness and stay on track and focused.

We then define our ideal site visitors through audience analysis. Through research, surveys and the like we try to get inside the head of the prospective audience and define the campaign's semantic space. Content on the site will be directed specifically at them in a language they understand and appeals. Content needs to press the right emotional buttons to generate positive responses and ultimately inbound links. Similar emotional forces to those that prompt us to buy can also cause us to link, bookmark, Twitter and Digg. Compelling benefits in the form of content provide visitors the motivation to emotionally invest in a site by linking to it. At this stage of the Search Engine Optimization process we're simply defining an environment in which our audience might best relate to.

"Ask yourself what creates value for your users," Google says. The audience analysis acts as the foundation for intelligent keyword selection - all part of the semantic space definition process.We collaborate with clients to create a list of preferable keywords and phrases that, based on our research, present the best opportunities for attracting potential visitors, customers and links. We make a point of revisiting the keyword formulation step as part of campaign assessment so that we can hone and tweak as necessary. It's impossible to repeat this too often or overstress - Content of value is the key and it's the inbound links that reflect its worth in the eyes of Internet users and therefore the search engines. Of course there are useful optimization techniques that should also be applied to the site to make it search friendly and at SEO CONSULTING KENYA we expertly address optimization issues such as - site structure, site hierarchy, optimized and themed Tag Naming. In reality though, it's only worth pursuing additional optimization through tweaking once those all-important inbound links have been attracted to the site in the first place. Tweaking a page for higher rankings before the content has been established as compelling is largely futile. The site is 'all dressed up, with nowhere to go.'

As search engine algorithms move further and further away from old school relevance, measurements and increasingly assign site importance and authority to off page factors such as social media tagging and blog-driven links. So expert Search Engine Optimization copywriters armed with the ability and empathy to prompt inbound links and consequent conversions are finding themselves becoming vital components in search engine marketing campaigns.SEO KENYA offers passionate, professional and hugely experienced writers. Both creative and qualified our writers are committed to delivering the very best copy solutions to your campaigns.

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