Search engine optimization is a long-term process but has extremely beneficial results, which has meant that companies in every industry are now concentrating a huge portion of their marketing budget to fighting for the top position in search engines.

Brand Awareness

You can hardly claim to be the absolute best in the business when no one has ever heard of your company. Sometimes you need to work on making people aware of your company even if that doesn't result in immediate sales, but you will gain more revenue in the long term by building yourself up and ensuring that your target market knows who you are. If your website is showing in search engine results pages then users will spot your company name, and the more they see it, the more they will think that you must have expertise in this area. Many people do not know what SEO is or even that it exists, they will assume that if you come up top on Google then it's because you provide a good service and offer the answer to their search query. These users will also assume that a big company should dominate Google and if you don't, they will wander why.In addition, as part of SEO optimization, your website will be syndicated out to other external websites to gain links; this will also help with putting your name all over the internet.

Improve SEO Rankings

By employing an SEO agency, you are buying into their years of SEO expertise. This knowledge is invaluable! Without this SEO knowledge it will be a lot harder (and longer) to gain those page one rankings that you crave. Agencies that specialize in SEO live and breathe the topic (search marketing, internet marketing, and online marketing) - leverage that knowledge by employing a credible search engine optimization agency

Traffic Generator

Simply, if your website is ranking high for popular terms then you will receive clicks from users. Traffic is the intermediary between brand awareness and sales; once you get good results for brand awareness then you will receive clicks and the more clicks you get, the higher chance of sales. Traffic also helps to improve SEO further, if your traffic improves then your SEO results are likely to improve further as you become more authoritative. Every company is after more traffic and more customers even if you don't receive any revenue from those customers until later on, but wouldn't you rather those users knew about your website for when that 'interest' became 'intent to buy' and not one of your competitors?

Increase Revenue

At the end of the day, marketing has an aim to drive more sales to the business, SEO is an extremely effective form of online marketing, which will give you, value for your money. As search engine optimization drives more traffic to the site, you will receive more sales and if you are not receiving these sales then it is a huge indicator that there are issues within your website.

Low Cost & High Value

Search engine marketing is low cost compared to other forms of marketing and is arguably one of the most effective with a high ROI. The actual cost of SEO depends completely on your budget, we have projects for companies and budgets of all sizes to fit any needs, but a monthly cost to a SEO agency will be much cheaper than buying traffic through PPC, and SEO costs tend to lower with time. Ignoring SEO is almost impossible when users are constantly using search engines like Google to find what they're after, websites gain so much traffic from their optimized websites you need to compete to stay in the game, that's what makes SEO so effective.These are the key advantages of having an SEO project and whilst there are others, they are very huge points to take into account. SEO has proven very effective to businesses looking to increase their online visibility and increasing sales. Once you are convinced about SEO, please take a look at our results and testimonials pages to see why you should go for a project with SEO CONSULTING KENYA.

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