There are many factors that affect search engine optimization results, from on page website code changes to off page optimization factors like link building, but all of these help to build up the website as an authority. Authoritative websites will gain high results for targeted keywords in the natural listings and being a high authority is the end goal for helping a website rank well on search engines.

Relevancy and Authority for SEO

Google ranks websites that are relevant to the search query and the more authoritative you become, the more relevant your website is, relevancy and authority walk hand in hand for good SEO results. Adding content to your website that is natural and related to the main theme of the site will help make the site more relevant to that topic, the best way to do this is to continuously add new content to pages and blogs based on the main theme and sub-topics. Search engines will crawl all of the copy on your website, and the more good content you have, the more knowledgeable and authoritative you will become because you are advertising the fact that you know about that topic.Relevancy is about making the copy on the site relate to the keywords you’re targeting for SEO. Authority sites have a lot of relevant copy, which has helped them become an authority initially, now that they have built that rapport up, the website is an authority and it’s much easier to rank for keywords that you don’t have as much content on. When you first start your SEO campaign, you may find that you need at least 5 long pages of focused copy to rank for one keyword, but once you have that authority you could rank for a keyword that barely mentioned in your copy.

Authority is Trust from Search Engines

When a search engine trusts a website it will be much keener to put that website high on their search results. Trust is built up from domain age, regular updates, stable traffic and high traffic- basically if a website is doing really well then search engines like Google will help them do better by ranking them higher because it will make Google look good.A website can defy that trust and be dropped from rankings if, it stops adding fresh content, builds a high bounce rate or just doesn’t attain any click.


How to Build Authority for search engine optimisation?

Your authority will build up if the website has many one-way themed links, each link is like a vote, so the more votes you have the more you will appear as an authority over the other websites.If you’re looking to build up your website as an authority you need to ensure that your website is fully optimized from the beginning and then work on your content and back links very regularly.

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